Round 7 confessional

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Round 7 confessional Empty Round 7 confessional

Post by Princess Mint on Thu 22 Dec - 22:09:16

It had to happen sometime. I'm a little worried about Aaron taking me out with an HII, but if that happens, it just means that I don't have to worry about jury duty! Yeah, I'm voting for Aaron tonight. Definitely. I'm not lying to my confessor. Nope. Not happening. That would be a terrible thing to do. If you couldn't trust me when I'm alone, how could you trust me when you have a six inch blade in your back? I would never do anything like that of course.

I'd just hit you with a knotted rope on the side of the head, and when you finally realize what happened, I'd be by your side in the hospital, and you would congratulate me on winning the game after some madman knocked you out and stole your watch.

That's what I'd do. So you have nothing to worry about. Not at all.
Princess Mint
Princess Mint

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