Round 5 confessional

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Round 5 confessional Empty Round 5 confessional

Post by Princess Mint on Sun 18 Dec - 15:54:25

The other tribe worries me. IDI and Dnash are all alone over there. Right now Pancake is inactive, so the Brady transfers have majority. Which means IDI is dead, if they have brains. I hope they have honor instead, but I don't count on that. Dnash isn't very active, so IDI will have a target on his back.

As for where I am right now, I don't feel all that good. Short term is great. I don't have any real alliances or loyalties, and that's the way I like it. Dayman and Spooky are people I've exchanged words with, and I can ingratiate myself into their circles if I have to. But what happens when we're down the line?

I've been on the losing side and alliance before. The winning side is what scares me. You can't know where people stand until the battle is underway. Will my people still be my people? If we win everything -which I feel good about- there will be no sense of who we are when merge happens. And if anyone jumps ship to a different alliance or tribe, we will all eat ourselves up instead of cutting off the traitor's supply lines.

What I mean by supply lines are the other people the theoretical traitor jumped to. They supply support. What we'd have to do is find the weakest link of support, the disenfranchised, and make them jump to us. We'd have to offer this counter-traitor a lot to make it worth their while, because for the first time the counter-traitor will be in a position of power and that is a scary thing to give up. They risk looking like a rat to both sides, which means that a strong 100% ally will be needed.

Why do I write all of this? To get an idea in my head for what needs to be done. I deal in theory.

I like my people right now, but it may be in my best interest -and theirs- to jump ship to the other tribe's power and get into their allegiance before someone that can't be trusted worms their way in. It's something to chew over.

There is also the matter of the HII, which will worm its way into everything from here on. I hate that stupid thing and have always felt that it is the dumbest part of this game, but it exists and we have to deal with it. If Brady gets their hands on it or if it remains in the air, we have to split our votes or risk losing someone.  Which means alienating people if New Brady ever loses a challenge.

Now that I've gotten my thoughts out, I can make plans. Do I reach out to someone now? Say that I'm worried about my position? If I do, I'll have to let someone on my side know what I'm doing, because if that information gets out it will be the end of me. Do I wait? See if we lose this next challenge? A lot to think through.
Princess Mint
Princess Mint

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Round 5 confessional Empty Re: Round 5 confessional

Post by Princess Mint on Sun 18 Dec - 23:19:25

Don't you mind this post, it isn't a confessional. I'm just putting this here because I deleted it from a message to Dayman and I'm thinking about rewriting it later to explain a position I'm thinking of adopting.

Because I can drop this, but I sorta have an idea to combat this ever happening. My plan would be briliant if it worked, and idiotic if it didn't. Insanely risky for fighting something that only exists in my head right now, but possessing buttloads of foresight if what I'm afraid of actually comes true. And I'm itching to tell you about it, but the whole thing is so crazy
Princess Mint
Princess Mint

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