Hoping this tribe swap goes my way

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Hoping this tribe swap goes my way Empty Hoping this tribe swap goes my way

Post by MilliWind on Sat 17 Dec - 23:10:30

Ugh, we're going to be switching tribes... I felt really comfortable because we've been winning all are challenges and I didn't feel like I was going to be targeted for a while, plus I have an idol. This situation could throw a wrench my game. One thing that is helpful is that no matter what there is a good chance each tribe will be majority Cohen. However, it is possible we could get a 3-3 tribe. Because of this, I think my idol could really come in handy in potentially a 3-3 split vote, because I know the Brady tribe members are all going to vote together no matter what.

Having another hidden immunity idol could really be powerful for me. That way I wouldn't have to worry so much about saving my idol or anything. I shared who I am pm-ing to Adam with Dayman to try to increase are odds of getting the clues. I also might share with ID. I just hope I am on a tribe with either Dayman, ID, or Spooky, because I feel most comfortable with them. I'm just hoping this tribe swap goes my way.

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