Because you voted for a player with whom you had voted with...

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Because you voted for a player with whom you had voted with...

Post by Adam on Sat 17 Dec - 13:26:54

An immunity idol can be a game-changing item in Survivor and this clue affords you the opportunity to gain possession of one of the hidden idols in this game. You can only use this clue one time and it is up to you to decide when it would be most advantageous to make an attempt at the idol.

Before each immunity challenge, I will inform all players who have an active clue to the idol of a word or phrase that I will include in one of my posts at some point during the upcoming challenge. When I use that word/phrase during the challenge, the first person (and only the first person) with an active clue to PM me that they want the idol will gain possession of the hidden immunity idol. If you PM me to attempt to collect the idol (whether successfully or not) during the challenge, you will lose your active clue and will not be eligible to try for another idol unless you obtain an additional clue. You can use your clue at any challenge you participate in (you can’t receive an idol if you’re sitting out a challenge) and you are not allowed to give away your clue. If nobody plays their clue before the challenge ends, no idol will be awarded. Every challenge could potentially add a new idol into the game, so you have to make the smart decision on which challenge to use this clue, and then you have to be the quickest to respond. The last challenge you can use this clue is the Final 6 immunity challenge.

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