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Post by Ryan_Xavier on Fri 16 Dec - 21:15:35

!. Russell Hantz
2. Yau Man Chan
3. Jenn Brown
4. Mike Holloway
5. Carolyn Rivera
6. David Wright
7. Parvati Shallow
8. Kelley Wentworth
9. Jeremy Collins
10. Malcolm Freberg

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Re: Challenges

Post by Ryan_Xavier on Wed 28 Dec - 23:15:12

Answer the following with the name of a player remaining in the game:

Based on your initial impressions from the start of the game, who has surprised you the most with their gameplay? Kachina

Which player is most likely to be in possession of a hidden immunity idol? Ryan

Which player would you not be surprised if they were playing both sides? Dnash

Who is only still in the game because they are deemed weak? Ryan

Which player should just shut up already? Dayman

Who is most likely to orchestrate a blindside against their closest ally? Mili

Which player do you wish you would’ve worked with from the beginning? Kachina

Who would you not want to be facing at the Final Tribal Council? Kachina

Which player do you still not quite have a grasp on how they’re playing the game? Shy guy

Which player would you most like to vote out of the game next? Shelby

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