For the Unity of the Tribe

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For the Unity of the Tribe Empty For the Unity of the Tribe

Post by MilliWind on Thu 15 Dec - 19:55:00

I'm thinking I might go for the Hidden Immunity idol tonight. I'm slightly worried that Princess might be going for it tonight, too, which would probably be smart as she could go home tonight if we lose the challenge. I would prefer to vote out the AWOL Pancake, but if it's better for the unity of the tribe, I'm all for it. It may be risky to go for the idol before I need it, so it is really coming down to when do I think no one else will be going for the idol. I am also uncertain as to what is going on on the other side. It looks like their last mostly inactive player has been voted out, so if they lose, there will be blood at tribal. This also means that their might be a scramble on the other side to get an idol. I think I am probably over thinking it, and that there were probably never even 6 people that got a clue to the idol, let alone a significant number of people that haven't gone for the idol yet, but I fear that going for the ideal when I am safe may be foolish.

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