Episode 3 Confessionals

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Episode 3 Confessionals

Post by Spooky33 on Tue 13 Dec - 21:59:54

So, there was only 4 of us active during tonight's challenge but we ended up pulling out the victory! That's three in a row. It's interesting that people who haven't really shown up yet (Ryan, Pancake, Dillon) are now going into Ep 4 untouched. I wonder if there will start to be some itching to get the game really started from the active players in my tribe who want to go to tribal and vote someone off. I hope not because I'd rather avoid tribal all together. You may not build trust by proving yourself to your allies at tribal but you also can't get blindsided if you don't go. I lean more to the safe side in these things lol

So, I'm doing pretty well with my relationship with Dayman, I think. I've talked to Ryan, Pancake and Dillon already so hopefully I'm the only person they are all comfortable with since they aren't here much. I'm trying to talk to Milli and ID now just to cover my bases and have a working relationship with everyone on my tribe. That includes Princess, who is talking to me right now. I want to be able to hopefully piece together where all the votes are going should we go to tribal and make sure that it ain't me going home.

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