Episode 2 Confessionals

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Episode 2 Confessionals

Post by Spooky33 on Tue 13 Dec - 21:54:18

So I talked with Pancake a little bit and wouldn't you know it, she's not that active either. Omfg I'm striking out here.

Unfortunately, I didn't communicate that I'd be here for the challenge and I was sat out. Though, from watching the challenge, I don't suppose I would've been much help. We won though so that was very exciting!

I talked with Dayman and he seems really cool. He brought up something I was thinking of as well. Princess Mint is a fucking weirdo lmfao Most people will stay in character on the board but act more real in one-on-one conversations. But, she keeps up with the shtick in PMs too. If she really made all of those demands in a serious way to Dayman, she's friggin nuts. Now he wants her gone like ASAP. What a mess because she's actually really active and helps in challenges.

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