Round 3 correspondence

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Round 3 correspondence Empty Round 3 correspondence

Post by Princess Mint on Tue 13 Dec - 21:41:58

With Dayman
From Princess Mint To DAYMAN, Today at 10:24 pm
Hey Dayman, would you take this for me?

Thanks. Needed to cool off some steam.
I'm afraid to click on that, since you might be sending me a virus lol.
Princesses don't get viruses, day. We cure them by kicking their butts so hard that they die and leave us healthy. It's a gif.

Still, if your computer isn't secured, you may not want to try it anyway. I've never heard of problems with Photobucket, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were.
Another day another win for Cohen. They stacked our team for sure.
I think we just got lucky three times in a row. I don't believe in a higher power guiding us. We have to be ready for things to roll against us.
I'm ready.
Yeah. I'm afraid of getting into that fight, but my blood's ready for the action. Let's pray for peace, though. The best leaders always pray for peace, and get ready for war.
That's a good saying actually! It's kind of like hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I agree we can't get comfortable we have to be ready for a curve ball.
Yeah, well chalk the saying up to me. I plan on being the best leader this world has ever seen.
Oh gosh, better than Ghengis Kahn or Napoleon?
Amateur hour. I am going to take over the world. I will live long and be wise and kick the butts of rival armies with my magic and seduce my enemies to become my fiercest allies. But first, I'm starving. Getting some dinner at camp.
Have a good night Minty!
Princess Mint
Princess Mint

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Round 3 correspondence Empty Re: Round 3 correspondence

Post by Princess Mint on Wed 14 Dec - 11:17:34

With Spooky

It's early, but....

From Princess Mint To Spooky33, Yesterday at 10:44 pm
Now that you look a lot less like a ghost and more like a human, do you want to talk about stuff? I can be here for conversation OR alliance talk, if you want to do either.
Hey! I'd love to talk! We're on quite the winning streak. I'm glad that we haven't been to tribal yet and all our team is intact. Do you like everyone on the tribe so far?
Yeah, they're all good. I'm VERY glad that we're winning, because I always drop the ball in the team challenges. This one I couldn't keep up.
I think you did just fine. The four of us worked really well together. I'm hoping we won't have a switch and we can just steamroll the other tribe to the merge. That would be amazing lol
You just jinxed us. You know that? We are completely jinxed.
Nah. The only jinkx I know of is Jinkx Monsoon <3
If we mix tribes and I wind up on the same one as you, YOU'RE DEAD! You hear me? DEAD! Very Happy
I'd just come back as a ghost at that point <3
Princess Mint
Princess Mint

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