Pre-game Egotistical Babbling

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Pre-game Egotistical Babbling

Post by Kachina on Tue 6 Dec - 16:57:34

I'm keeping this a little quiet at first, considering I've learned that access glitches early in games aren't rare.

So for now, let's just say... hmmmmmmm.  This could be interesting.

Beyond that, thanks for letting me play.  I'm really not sure how well I'll do in this, partially because I feel some sort of burden to do well, which is bound to screw me up.  But I'm excited to see how it goes.  The cast looks interesting - how close to the vest people are playing the introduction, with one kind of putting a target on themselves, but in a way that seems oddly savvy, like they know what they're doing.  Probably gonna be some tough competition.

Also, lol @ all the red and green.  A self-deprecating joke?  In some ways, I like it... don't think I'll be nodding off while looking at the forum. Very Happy

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