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Post by MilliWind on Tue 13 Dec - 15:36:09

Another challenge, another Immunity. It was a great feeling to have the pressure off for another night. They have been luck-based challenges so far, but I think we still have a strong tribe. One of the biggest concerns has been people not showing up, but I understand that a lot of people have finals going on (including me), so if it keeps going when they are wrapping up, it may become more of an issue.

I also decide not to go for the hidden immunity idol. I figure maybe there were others going after it, especially on the other tribe since they might already have a line drawn in the sand. I think I made the right decision -- I certainly didn't need it last night. I might go for it tonight, but I also feel that even more people might try that tonight. I think the third time will probably be the charm. I think I could survive one vote since I've been showing up and not making anybody mad.

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