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Post by MilliWind on Mon 12 Dec - 17:08:09

We won immunity! It's always nice to have that peace of mind after the challenge. I haven't been able to get my mind in the game fully yet, so winning was huge because I don't know where the vote would have fallen. A lot of people were complaining about the challenge and how it was luck based, and the tree mail didn't make any sense. I don't really care, though. If we can win immunity, that's the challenge I want to have.

I also won a clue to the hidden immunity idol. I'm not sure when I want to go for it. Part of me wants to get it right away because it would be helpful, but part of me wants to wait and see. I also considered pm-ing Adam a little late so that if I don't get the idol, I know someone has it, but until the merge, I don't think that is useful. I don't have any specific reason to be worried about my own safety yet, but I'll probably wait until the challenge to make up my mind.

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