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The Season in a Nutshell Empty The Season in a Nutshell

Post by Adam on Fri 27 Jan - 16:43:33

In the 1800s, Sarah Island in Macquarie Harbour housed one of the harshest penal settlements in the Australian colonies. As Sarah Island could not produce food, malnutrition, dysentery, and scurvy were often rampant among the convict population. The settlement was so crowded, convicts were unable to sleep on their backs in the communal barracks. Punishment involved solitary confinement and regular floggings.

Now, 16 castaways return to this area to begin the journey of a lifetime. Not only will they need to survive the harsh conditions, they will need to survive each other. Competing as tribes, the players will battle in challenges along with twists throughout the season. Players will be forced to vote each other out of the game until only 2 remain and will fight it out for the title of Sole Survivor.

This is Lssquared: Macquarie Harbour.

The players arrive at the beach and Adam welcomes them and places them into their starting tribes, named after two men who escaped from the prison:

Brady Tribe
Aaron Shore
Jonathan M.
Lady Lambdadelta
Shy Guy
Zac Efron

Cohen Tribe
Princess Mint

Both tribes begin to get to know each other back at their camps.

Brady starts by talking about their hopes for the game {possible foreshadowing}:
r123k: We just don't want to be one of those tribes that's loose EVERY single challenge
Kachina: Hey everyone! Yeah hopefully we don't lose at all, knock on wood.

After initial greetings, r123k pulls aside Shy Guy and Kachina to work together.

Kachina (confessional): No real impressions of my tribemates yet... based on the introduction, I'd wager the other tribe has some stronger, more domineering personalities. But it could also just mean that my tribe is sneakier. Should be interesting.

Over at Cohen, Princess Mint quickly began to lash out at her tribemates.

Ryan_Xavier: Can I call you Minty Fresh once our showmance begins?
Princess Mint: Do you want a boot to the face?
Ryan_Xavier: Ok, wrong approach then, I will go back to the drawing board, but I promise I will win your Mintyness by the end of this game.
Princess Mint: The only thing that makes my panties wet is the thought of sticking my [expletive] sister's head in a dirty toilet, boys. If you can't supply that, bugger off.

A little later…

DAYMAN: Can someone point me in the direction of the ass kicking area?
Princess Mint: You'll need your own. This one is all mine.
DAYMAN: Sharing is caring Minty.
Princess Mint: Don't you have to get back to the set of Teletubbies soon, Dayman?

PancakeMixMe (confessional): Ryan talked to me earlier and wanted a "ride or die" so I'm already a deal in with the devil. I don't like most of the people here judging by first impressions alone, but it doesn't really matter anyway as I tend to be good even with people I don't appreciate. Nobody's really talking which is bugging me a bit. I need them to like me before I can weave them in and spin them around my fingers. How am I supposed to have them believe we are bonding if we aren't talking? It just fucks with my strategy.

MilliWind (confessional): My strategy going into the game is to try to blend in, I don't want to the be first or the last person to do anything. I feel like a lot of people are going to just be trying to make big moves and try to stand out. And I get it -- I've been there. You get to be a part of an online thing like this, anonymously and everything, everyone wanting to do the flashy stuff like they see on TV. They basically treat these games like strategical masturbation. But that's not me. I'm gonna take this game out for dinner and then make sweet, sweet love to her.

Princess Mint (confessional): Who are these idiots? "I'm me" is the most helpful information I've gotten from any of them. I've met dolls with more personality. It will be all their fault when we lose tonight. I'm not taking credit for them.

You guys could at least tell me who your friends are so I know my enemies. Gosh.

The tribes get treemail and are ready for the first challenge of the season.

Adam greets the tribes and explains the first challenge will be for individual clues to the hidden immunity idol. Multiple clues are given out to the winners.

Immediately following the individual challenge, Adam explains the first Tribal Immunity challenge. The tribes must select one player to represent them in a simple game of cards. Brady selects Kachina and Cohen picks DAYMAN to represent them.

DAYMAN wins for the first challenge and earns Cohen Tribe the first Tribal Immunity of the season.

Back at camp, Cohen celebrates while Brady sees this as an opportunity to knock out their weak links, of which there are multiple.

Meanwhile the players who won the clue to the hidden immunity idol read their clues:

“An immunity idol can be a game-changing item in Survivor and this clue affords you the opportunity to gain possession of one of the hidden idols in this game. You can only use this clue one time and it is up to you to decide when it would be most advantageous to make an attempt at the idol.

Before each immunity challenge, I will inform all players who have an active clue to the idol of a word or phrase that I will include in one of my posts at some point during the upcoming challenge. When I use that word/phrase during the challenge, the first person (and only the first person) with an active clue to PM me that they want the idol will gain possession of the hidden immunity idol. If you PM me to attempt to collect the idol (whether successfully or not) during the challenge, you will lose your active clue and will not be eligible to try for another idol unless you obtain an additional clue. You can use your clue at any challenge you participate in (you can’t receive an idol if you’re sitting out a challenge) and you are not allowed to give away your clue. If nobody plays their clue before the challenge ends, no idol will be awarded. Every challenge could potentially add a new idol into the game, so you have to make the smart decision on which challenge to use this clue, and then you have to be the quickest to respond. The last challenge you can use this clue is the Final 6 immunity challenge.”

At Tribal Council, the vote comes down to 2 inactive members- Lady Lambdadelta and r123k. In the end, Kachina stuck with his ally r123k, but in a 6-2 vote, r123k is the first player voted out of the game.

Kachina (confessional): Shy Guy... smh. He was the one who was adamant about voting Lady, then PM'd me 10 minutes before the deadline (a couple after I voted) to go with the majority. Ah well. Doesn't matter either way, nor am I trying to utilize the twists so much as dodge them entirely.

At the Cohen Tribe, private conversations were beginning about Princess Mint’s attitude.

DAYMAN: I am saying I am completely turned off and DON'T want to work with her. She is really creepy and that aggressive message escalated even more with her telling me I look like a human piss stain and telling me to go eat mud. So yeah, I hope you and I can ramp up our social games and get an alliance going that doesn't include her. Do you have any connections to Ryan or Milli or anyone else yet?
IDInstitute: It wasn't anything more than just friendly introductions. Hopefully they are willing to work with us. How about you? But man, I'm surprised about Princess...I knew she was crazy but didn't think that bad lol. Yeah I'm more than fine with getting her out.
DAYMAN: That's a relief to hear. Yeah I will try to talk to the same people you do. I'm going to keep our alliance as secret as possible, and hopefully we can just manage to work our way in with a group of nice people who treat each other as equals. So you, me, Pancake, Milli, and maybe this Spooky guy. I'll try talking to him now that he is on. Let me know when you hear back from the others and we can get the ball rolling.

DAYMAN walks off and finds Spooky33.

Spooky33: You can definitely trust me. You are the only person I've talked game with.
DAYMAN: Milli and ID seemed nice, but then I thought I should talk to Princess since she is so outgoing and seems like our leader. At first I was just breaking the ice being playful, but then I hinted that maybe we could work together and she got really aggressive and said only if I do everything she tell me to. I was shocked so I tried to see if she was joking, and her replies got more and more strange. So I feel like she is kind of crazy and thinks she is in charge of everything and wants to treat me like a slave or a dog or something. So I hope other people aren't going to follow her blindly. I'd rather have an alliance of people who treat each other as equals you know? So now I don't know what to do or who to turn to.
Spooky33: Whaaaaaat. I knew she was playing a character on the boards but to keep it up in private is kind of strange. She was asking me if I was a ghost when I asked her how she was doing. I just kind of laughed it off lol Very strange.

Over at Brady, the tribe was pretty quiet but Zac did give a foreshadowing confessional…

Zac Efron (confessional): I really hope our tribe wins tonight I hate it when one tribe keeps losing.

The immunity challenge was a variation of a Survivor classic: basket brawl. The first tribe to score 3 points would win immunity. Cohen took the challenge 3-1 to win their second straight immunity challenge. Also during the challenge, several people attempted to find the hidden immunity idol, but it was DAYMAN who successfully found it.

The Cohen Tribe celebrated another victory, while Kachina, Shy Guy, Aaron Shore and ShelbyJean began getting closer on the Brady Tribe.

At Tribal Council, it was time to take out another inactive member and LadyLambdadelta was voted out 6-1.

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Post by Adam on Fri 27 Jan - 16:44:05

At the Cohen Tribe, smaller groups were continuing to form around DAYMAN. While the challenges had thus far gone in their favor, one member of the tribe was still struggling.

Princess Mint (confessional): UUUUUUUUUGH! Whenever I do Tribe challenges, I can never figure out the teamwork aspect. I get sooooooo confused and then I have to punch someone!

The Brady Tribe dynamics were beginning to revolve around the active players: Kachina, ShelbyJean, Shy Guy, Aaron Shore and Zac Efron. But the losses were starting to get to the players.

Kachina (confessional): My tribe is terrible! I really hope these tribes were chosen randomly, rather than, "hey, you won last season... let's see how you do if I royally fuck you over with this useless tribe..." (kidding - I'm sure the tribe assignments were either random or based on pre-determined criteria). But put me with Dayman day 1, and we could've dominated this. I was expecting another schoolyard pick kind of thing.

As for my tribe... useless. I guarantee you tonight will be 3 people, maybe 4 max, and at least one will be clueless (see: Zac posting his position like 5 times in a round last challenge, I think twice with positions from the wrong side). But Cohen can now afford to have 2 people inactive without any detriment to them. I just pray that tonight's challenge is something Shy Guy (the one and only silver lining of this tribe) and I can do on our own, without any penalty. As it stands, between the losses and my impressions of a couple people on the tribe, the merge isn't looking bright (should I get there).

At Cohen, the continued conversation was around the growing rivalry between Princess Mint and DAYMAN.

MilliWind (confessional): We might have a little rivalry brewing. It is part of Princess' schtick that she has to be kind of abrasive. DAYMAN has especially been the target of this abrasiveness, and he's starting to feel on-edge about it. I get it, I haven't made any contact with Princess either so I don't know if I can trust her or not. I also think of Princess as a valuable asset for competitions, and I think that she should be kept for the time being, at least until everyone on our tribe consistently shows up. I like DAYMAN, though, so if we need to make moves to unify the tribe, that's what we are going to have to do.

The tribes were given the instructions to the next immunity challenge. They were each tasked with holding weights, but one player from the tribe was the key member. At the end of the challenge, whichever chosen member was holding the most weight would win immunity for the tribe. DAYMAN and Aaron Shore were chosen and DAYMAN ended up holding the most weight for a third straight Cohen Immunity win.

Brady continued to vote out the inactives from their tribe and Jonathan M. was voted out unanimously.
With the inactives out of the way, the Brady Tribe began focusing on more long-term strategy and alliances.

Kachina: I talked to Shelby. She mentioned you! So I mentioned you, too. I also just talked to Aaron, and he asked about forming a core group of 3 or 4 people. Not sure if you want Shelby separate from that included in it. Pros and cons to each... but a big con if she finds out. She also seems like the most reliable person on our tribe, besides you. So it's probably not a good idea to hide things from her. Your thoughts?
Shy Guy: hahahaha that's hilarious, aaron reached out to me saying he liked me the most so i said we should form a core group of 4. just after the challenge. looks like he's going ahead with that. he asked me who i thought should be in the 4 so i suggested you and shelby
Kachina: He just did the same with me and I answered the same. I did call you a "buffer", just to not make it obvious you and I are together, though.

At Cohen, life was still good as they have been dominating the challenges and not forced to vote anyone out yet. But there was still behind the scenes strategizing.

Spooky33 (confessional): It's interesting that people who haven't really shown up yet (Ryan, Pancake, Dillon) are now going into Ep 4 untouched. I wonder if there will start to be some itching to get the game really started from the active players in my tribe who want to go to tribal and vote someone off. I hope not because I'd rather avoid tribal all together. You may not build trust by proving yourself to your allies at tribal but you also can't get blindsided if you don't go. I lean more to the safe side in these things lol

So, I'm doing pretty well with my relationship with Dayman, I think. I've talked to Ryan, Pancake and Dillon already so hopefully I'm the only person they are all comfortable with since they aren't here much. I'm trying to talk to Milli and ID now just to cover my bases and have a working relationship with everyone on my tribe. That includes Princess, who is talking to me right now. I want to be able to hopefully piece together where all the votes are going should we go to tribal and make sure that it ain't me going home.

IDInstitute (confessional): The challenge last night went great. It was super fun to do, definitely a lot more fun than the others and the strategy to it was fun and right up my ally. I ended up taking a leadership role in the challenge which payed off in the end with lots of people thanking me, which felt great and makes me feel a lot more comfortable in the tribe than I did at the start. Things might be looking pretty good!

MilliWind (confessional): I'm thinking I might go for the Hidden Immunity idol tonight. I'm slightly worried that Princess might be going for it tonight, too, which would probably be smart as she could go home tonight if we lose the challenge. I would prefer to vote out the AWOL Pancake, but if it's better for the unity of the tribe, I'm all for it. It may be risky to go for the idol before I need it, so it is really coming down to when do I think no one else will be going for the idol. I am also uncertain as to what is going on on the other side. It looks like their last mostly inactive player has been voted out, so if they lose, there will be blood at tribal. This also means that their might be a scramble on the other side to get an idol. I think I am probably over thinking it, and that there were probably never even 6 people that got a clue to the idol, let alone a significant number of people that haven't gone for the idol yet, but I fear that going for the ideal when I am safe may be foolish.

At the challenge, MilliWind did indeed grab the hidden immunity idol. Meanwhile the tribes competed in a trivia challenge, going head to head to score the most points. The challenge was fairly close, but Cohen secured immunity for the fourth straight challenge with a 20-13 victory.

Brady had to make a decision, as all the remaining players were finally active. The strongest alliance seemed to be Aaron Shore, Kachina, Shy Guy and ShelbyJean.

Aaron Shore: So we're voting Zac? IDK why I feel the need to make it obvious but I do.
Kachina: Yeah. I haven't really talked to Zac and he seems clueless in challenges. Very well meaning though, so this vote is horrible. Maybe R123k cursed us when we voted them out. Didn't they say 'we don't want to be that tribe that loses every challenge'?

After the group talk, Shy Guy pulled Kachina aside.

Shy Guy: we are for sure voting zac out then? i am okay with this.
Kachina: Yeah, may as well. He's around and tries, but he's also useless. Aaron is only around half the time, but is good when he's here.

Zac Efron tried one last attempt to save himself.

Zac Efron (confessional): I am totally screwed I am certain I am leaving I am going to cause some paranoia I have nothing to lose at this point

At Tribal Council, it was too little too late for Zac to try to save himself. He voted Kachina, but the remaining Brady voted Zac Efron out of the game.

The players met up at the challenge area and were told to drop their buffs. Before the tribes swapped, the players were given another chance to earn clues to the hidden immunity idol. After the challenge, the new tribes were selected.

Brady Tribe
Aaron Shore
Princess Mint

Cohen Tribe
Shy Guy

As the only original Brady, Aaron Shore definitely felt in the minority. Meanwhile, ShelbyJean, Shy Guy and Kachina thought they might have a chance with a 3-3 split in the new tribe.

Shy Guy: this sucks that we have both their inactives. i wish we just had 1 so we could vote out their bigger players i say we throw the challenge and vote ID out.
Kachina: The concern would be if ID has an idol, that could easily backfire. If Pancake never shows up we might be able to split the vote, 2 for ID and 1 for Pancake. With her penalty, that would be 2 votes against her. Then whoever ID and dnashobviously vote for would get 2. Then decide it in the tie. If we go that route and throw it that might be safer. It depends on Pancake not showing up though.
Shy Guy: That's a good idea. I mean, if we win a challenge Aaron is as good as gone. Only thing I don't like about these tribe swaps. Who knows maybe Aaron has enough social skills to convince them to vote one of their own out. Now is the time to start looking for cracks. See if any of them don't like each other.
What if we convinced Dnash he's on the bottom of their tribe and he works with us?
Kachina: It would help, but how can we convince him without making it obvious that we're bluffing?
Shy Guy: why would we bluff? there's 8 of them and 4 of us. if he's an inactive that puts him in 8th or 7th place with them. with us he would be in 5th.
Kachina: What's the plan tonight? Are we throwing it? If we do we can't make it too obvious, otherwise we'll look really unified for Aaron and that'll be his sure death sentence if we need to win at any point. I'm fine with throwing if that's what you guys want, it would buy Aaron some time, but we should hide that's what we're doing.
ShelbyJean: Its up to you all

At the immunity challenge, teamwork was key along with having active players. PancakeMixMe wasn’t around and severely handicapped Cohen. In a race to 7 points, Brady won their first immunity challenge of the season- meaning Shy Guy, Shelby and Kachina would be facing their fifth straight Tribal Council. Also mid-challenge DAYMAN grabbed his second immunity idol.

IDInstitute (confessional): And just when things were going swell, this tribe swap happens. Dammity damn damn. I didn't get the clue for the idol either, so I don't have much to fall back on in case this tribe full of inactive cohens and powerhouse bradys loses the next few challenges. I'd like to think they'd take out the inactive, but I'm probably going to be seen as a bigger threat and they might make a big move against me. I hope as hard as I can that they take out waste of space Pancake with me. Of course things can go wrong and I can be blindsided, which I wouldn't have any idea about to try and stop it.

The choice of Pancake or ID was the conversation between Shy Guy and Kachina.

Kachina: Did you still want to try to vote out ID or just go for Pancake?
Shy Guy: what do you think?
Kachina: He'd be more of an asset in challenges. But either way, whichever we get out we'll have a majority, so we could technically afford to lose 2 more. Idols may be an issue though. Pancake is a non-vote anyway so keeping her in the game wouldn't hurt us. ID is a vote with them unless we can sway him - if we could sway him, he'd be an asset. There are pros and cons to both.
Shy Guy: okay, well i am down either way. im willing to gamble and take out ID but then we will basically be targets the rest of the game
Kachina: Yeah. If we go for ID, we lose any chance of him maybe working with us, if Pancake goes and he stays. That's the other problem. I just heard from Dillon. He's sucking up, as you'd expect. But he does make a good point that - like you said, he was MIA for the earlier part of the game. I wouldn't trust him too much, but if we could get to the merge with him and have him flip in our favor one or two votes, it could help us a lot.

At Tribal Council, dnash pushed for Pancake to be the target and for the remaining players to stick together. That is how the vote went, as PancakeMixMe was voted out unanimously.

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Post by Adam on Fri 27 Jan - 16:44:32

With 5 original Cohen on the new Brady Tribe, smaller alliances continued to form and develop strategy. But without going to Tribal, nobody was certain who they could trust.

Spooky33: I love our new tribe! We got an amazing draw! I think we should def have a f3 with Mint and also work closely with Milli & Ryan. It doesn't hurt to play the field a bit as long as it's still just you and me.
DAYMAN: Yes it is still just you and me, but I have to be honest I don't think I want a f3 with Mint. I think it's good that she likes us and won't vote us out, but remember I talked to you before about how she is very aggressive and treats me really harshly always calling me a servant and stuff.
Also, I wanted to tell you that Ryan and Milli from our Brady tribe and before our Cohen tribe want to work with us as a F4. I think that would be a better idea since they are much less threatening and aggressive than Mint and they will be more honest and predictable. You and I can always talk about everything separately. I think F4 with them is safer for you and me than F3 with Mint since it gives us more loyalty and makes it safer for us to go all the way together.
Spooky33: Oh I agree. I just meant we "pretend" to be in a f3 with Mint. Not actually make the room, just play nice with her. It'd be good to reach the merge without having gone to TC.

Ryan_Xavier and MilliWind join the duo to share their thoughts.

Ryan: I think Pancake is done for, the old brady tribe will stick together and vote her out with her penalty vote and they will be up in numbers at that point.
Milli: Do you think they threw the challenge? It just seems like the most efficient way of making sure all 4 old Brady members make the merge is for the new Cohen to lose every challenge. They know they have the numbers because of Pancake being inactive, and the only old Brady member vulnarable is Aaron, so making sure he never has to go to tribal would guarantee his safety. I'm not sure they are actually doing it, but it would be smart.

Princess Mint (confessional): As for where I am right now, I don't feel all that good. Short term is great. I don't have any real alliances or loyalties, and that's the way I like it. Dayman and Spooky are people I've exchanged words with, and I can ingratiate myself into their circles if I have to. But what happens when we're down the line?
I've been on the losing side and alliance before. The winning side is what scares me. You can't know where people stand until the battle is underway. Will my people still be my people? If we win everything -which I feel good about- there will be no sense of who we are when merge happens. And if anyone jumps ship to a different alliance or tribe, we will all eat ourselves up instead of cutting off the traitor's supply lines. What I mean by supply lines are the other people the theoretical traitor jumped to. They supply support. What we'd have to do is find the weakest link of support, the disenfranchised, and make them jump to us. We'd have to offer this counter-traitor a lot to make it worth their while, because for the first time the counter-traitor will be in a position of power and that is a scary thing to give up. They risk looking like a rat to both sides, which means that a strong 100% ally will be needed.
I like my people right now, but it may be in my best interest -and theirs- to jump ship to the other tribe's power and get into their allegiance before someone that can't be trusted worms their way in. It's something to chew over.

At the challenge, the players needed to climb a tower and the first tribe to have a member reach the top would win immunity. Meanwhile ShelbyJean grabbed the hidden immunity idol. DAYMAN and Princess Mint led their tribe while Kachina quickly climbed for Cohen. In the end, Princess Mint reached the top of the tower first to win immunity again for Brady- keeping Princess, DAYMAN, Milli, Ryan and Spooky away from Tribal for the sixth straight challenge.

Kachina (confessional): Seriously? This is the longest losing streak I've ever been on in these online game things. And it's bruising my ego. I just want the game to be individual already. I generally hate working on a team. Teamwork is just overrated. I mean, I understand why some people like other people and stuff... I just think they're crazy. I mean, Nikola Tesla fell in love with a pigeon. To be that misanthropic is a thing of beauty, and apparently a thing of interspecies love, too. Why can't people all just fall in love with pigeons and fuck off? The world would be a better place. I actually love these challenges, and great job coming up with them. I just feel like my tribe never gets it... so they get confused, which makes me confused (because... people, making "noise"), and it's just... I want my individual bubble, where I don't have to coordinate with anyone. That's all I want right now.

The conversation back around the Cohen camp was the vote, of course.

ShelbyJean: Okay here we go again dnash or id ?????? Im sure they will try to push for shyguy At least Aaron is staying safe
Kachina: Yeah - at least. But it would be nice to win once.
Shelby: Yes I am so tired of losing, obviously at merge dayman and mint seem to be the ones who need to go
Kachina: Yeah Dayman and Mint are a powerhouse. At the merge I'll probably be a target after that challenge. If we can get them to vote for me and I can idol them then we can get one of them out even if no one will flip. But first I need an idol. Working on that.
Shelby: Id says he will vote whatever we want if it keeps him safe IDK could have an idol
Kachina: Yeah. ID is probably more likely to have an Idol than Dnash. But he could always give it to Dnash, too. Dnash approached me about voting together, just so you both know and it doesn't get around later and seem like I'm hiding it from you two. I've also talked to ID. He hasn't been as quick to say he's with us, for better or worse. Dnash saying he'll vote with us could be insincere, and ID's silence on that could just be him trying to not seem pushy. I guess that's the question - do we try to go forward with Dnash or ID? Do either of you have an idea of where they each stand?
Shelby: They have both contacted me now. They both say they want to work with us going forward but that is what they both would say Who more likely has an idol We just need to tell them both that the other is the target that way they wont know who to use the idol on
Shy Guy: I would like to vote for ID.
Shelby: Im fine either way, just worried about idols
Shy Guy: have either of you told them who you are voting for? have they tried to sway you? why have neither of them reached out to me.. this is so weird
Kachina: yes Shy Guy, it sounds like they're voting for you, but that should make them feel comfortable and not play an idol.
Shy Guy: okay good, so you told them you're voting for me with them? and we all vote for ID?
Shelby: Dnash told me he was voting shy
Shy Guy: Now I want to vote for dnash. lol

Kachina (confessional): This is the hardest vote so far. I truly like ID and, while I'm not sure where his loyalties lie, he's an interesting player and I'd like to see where that goes. Unfortunately, with us dramatically outnumbered, it just doesn't make sense to vote out the Shy Guy or Shelby. I'd be a sitting duck - even more than I already will be if I make it to the merge.

The tribe made their way to Tribal Council. The fear of a hidden idol was for naught. ID and dnash did indeed vote for Shy Guy, but Kachina, Shelby and Shy Guy voted together for whom they see as a bigger threat and IDInstitute is the sixth player out of the game.

With 10 people remaining, some were expecting a merge, but the tribes remain intact. The conversations around camp continued to be the same until the immunity challenge.

At the challenge, tribes selected 1 member to be a puzzle solver while the remaining tribe members tried to earn clues to help their solver complete a word puzzle. Aaron Shore and dnash represented their tribes as puzzle solvers. During the challenge, Kachina grabbed the hidden immunity idol. dnash was able to complete the word puzzle first and win immunity for Cohen- sending MilliWind, DAYMAN, Spooky, Ryan and Princess Mint to their first tribal council.

With Aaron by himself as the sole original Brady, it seemed an easy boot for the rest of the tribe.

Ryan: So new for all of us, this is a weird feeling.
MilliWind: Alright, well regardless of how we felt about throwing it/not throwing it, the result ended up being the same.
DAYMAN: Should we think this through or is this that much of a nobrainer?
Ryan: So everyone ok with getting rid of Aaron?
Milli: Yeah. I told him to vote Princess, so if he has an idol, we'll be fine.
DAYMAN: Are we certain he is voting her?
Milli: I mean, I told him it was in his best interests, and I doubt he has much else to go by, so I sure hope so.
Ryan: he just asked if i would be willing to vote princess, so i think Mili was able to sell him good.
Milli: Nice, he's sending me some last minute scramblings, so I highly doubt he has the idol.
DAYMAN: Ok good, this is nervewracking since we haven't done it before.

But secretly, DAYMAN was formulating his own plan.

DAYMAN (confessional): Well, I gave away an idol to an enemy combatant to blindside Minty with. He could use it on me and I would be in the history books for bad moves. Or he could do what I want and I take control of this game fully. Tomorrow will either be a glorious day for DAYMAN, or a wonderful revenge for NIGHTMAN.

MilliWind (confessional): Well, so we didn't throw the challenge, but we still lost, so it worked out in the end. This means I'll finally be going to tribal council. So the strategy going into the vote is threefold:
1. Make sure everyone in the core four alliance is on the same page about voting Aaron out.
2. Convince Aaron it is in his best interest to vote Princess. This guarantees that even if Aaron has an idol, no one in my core alliance will be voted out.
3. Solidify trust within my alliance by voting out Aaron.
This strategy seems to have worked, as I have Aaron scrambling trying to gain votes against Princess, which in turn shows to my alliance members that I am true to my word, and I will actively try to protect them. The elimination of Aaron will allow original Cohen members to split the vote, eliminating the risk of an idol play ruining someone's chances. It's been a good day.

Princess Mint (confessional): It had to happen sometime. I'm a little worried about Aaron taking me out with an HII, but if that happens, it just means that I don't have to worry about jury duty! Yeah, I'm voting for Aaron tonight. Definitely. I'm not lying to my confessor. Nope. Not happening. That would be a terrible thing to do. If you couldn't trust me when I'm alone, how could you trust me when you have a six inch blade in your back? I would never do anything like that of course. I'd just hit you with a knotted rope on the side of the head, and when you finally realize what happened, I'd be by your side in the hospital, and you would congratulate me on winning the game after some madman knocked you out and stole your watch. That's what I'd do. So you have nothing to worry about. Not at all.

At Tribal Council, Brady members had some strong words about how the vote would impact the game.

Spooky: There's always many statements to be made from a vote. I think the main thing is that people will vote to further themselves in the game. So, it'll come down to what each person thinks is best for them.
Milli: I think that the fact we haven't voted yet is the downside to having won all the immunities up to now, but I would much rather be in the position of printing out a voting receipt of loyalty now, than having to do this round one. I also don't think voting is the only way to test to bonds of loyalty.
Ryan: The statement made at tribal tonight will be loyalty, at least in my book.
Aaron: I think this vote is all about trust and which way the group wants to move forward after tonight. I'm hoping that it's with me.

After the players voted, Adam asked if anyone would like to play a hidden immunity idol. To the shock of everyone but DAYMAN, Aaron Shore stood up and handed the idol he had been given to the host. After 5 votes for Aaron were read and nullified by the idol, the sole deciding vote for Princess Mint was read sending her home at the seventh player voted out of the game.

After the shocking events of the previous night, the Brady Tribe didn’t seem too discouraged.

DAYMAN: Thoughts on that vote?
Spooky: I'm oddly okay with it lol
DAYMAN: Lol I was hoping I wasn't the only one. Oh man though when I saw the idol I was scared. But then I saw it was Princess and it was a relief. We never trusted her and now we can focus on our fantastic four.
Ryan: yea i know, i think he played his idol all wrong though, he should have flaunted it and taunted us with it and then we would have not voted for him, but instead he played all coy and wasted an idol before the merge. but at least he did the dirty work for us, getting rid of princess
Milli: Yeah, that went about as well as it could have with us not actually getting him out.

As players converged for the next challenge, they weren’t too surprised to hear Adam say the tribes were merging into the Pearce Tribe. The players congratulated each other back at their new camp and were excited to catch up with those who had previously been in their tribes.
dnash: What's up!
DAYMAN: I was talking with Spooky and we want you to know you should not feel at the bottom of anything. It was unlucky we got split up but we never forgot about you. We know Milli is a very good player and our leader since Princess left, so I would rather work with you two instead of trying to beat her in the end.
Spooky: Yeah Milli/Ryan are a pair for sure.

Elsewhere, Aaron was re-connecting with Shy Guy, Shelby and Kachina- who were surprised that he was able to survive the previous vote.

At the first individual immunity challenge, players were tasked with balancing a ball on a wooden plate. Additionally, they were able to send attacks to the opposition in an attempt to get them to drop their ball. After a few rounds, Adam made an offer to the players. The first person to drop out of the challenge would earn a hidden immunity idol. DAYMAN was the only one to take the offer and earned another immunity idol, but it wasn’t a secret since nobody else dropped out. One by one, the players dropped out until only Shy Guy and MilliWind remained. Finally Shy Guy’s ball dropped and Milli won the first individual immunity of the game.

Back at camp the scrambling began.

DAYMAN: Milli is already getting on my nerves. She is telling me it was good to go for the idol because the other side will "probably target me because I am a challenge beast." What? How am I a challenge beast. I think she is telling them that about me and hoping to make me her new shield now that Princess is gone. We need to discuss what each side is saying after and decide together who to work with.
Aaron: This is a tough one. Im not sure what we should do. Do you know where Ryan/Spooky/Dnash stand?
DAYMAN: No, it's so hard to know where those people stand because they are so rarely around. Last time was the first time we all had to vote together and I haven't talked to them since then. Why don't we let our groups decide some options, and we can decide together what to do that is best for both of us. We can be open with each other so what are you thinking?

In another spot at camp:

Kachina: This vote is insane.
Shelby: Yes it is. Dnash finally told me “I know that one side has talked to me a lot more post merge than the other, so that's how I'm basing my decision tonight.”
Kachina: I talk to him a lot though. Did he say he was voting for Aaron? I'm so confused. He suggested Ryan, then told me he was voting for Aaron.
Shelby: He told me Aaron
Kachina: I trust that he did. My only concern is that they're just using him to deflect his vote, making it 4 vs. 4. Then if Dayman can sway one of us, they automatically have the majority without needing Dnash's vote and leaving him out of the vote, and they can freely blindside anyone.

DAYMAN also approaches Milli to discuss the vote.

Milli: So who do you think they will put the votes on? They know you have an idol, but they still might vote you if they think you think it's obvious you would play it on yourself and you play it for dnash
DAYMAN: If we stick with our five we have the majority.
Milli: Ok, then this should be a lot less stressful than I thought
DAYMAN: My one worry is that dnash might not feel like a strong part of our group since he was on the other side and might feel isolated. But it makes sense to me to go final five with each other since we have the numbers and should use what we earned.
Milli: I have the same concern, but I'm guessing he probably doesn't feel like a part of things over there either, so we're still probably his best option from his point of view

Spooky walks into the conversation.

Spooky: I can confirm dnash feels like he's on the outs
DAYMAN: Oh hey Spooky, that's what we feared.
Milli: have you heard who dnash may want to target?
Spooky: He hasn't said a name to me yet. I'll try and pry one out of him though.

Kachina and Shy Guy find a minute to talk alone.

Kachina: Alright, some interesting updates...
According to Spooky, Aaron idol'd Mint out. They did vote for him, but he played an idol. Which is interesting, because I asked Aaron what happened and he hasn't responded, and before the challenge outright said he didn't have an idol. I'm debating whether or not to mention this to Aaron - I don't want it to seem like I'm calling him out.
According to Dnash, Spooky told him your identity. So Dnash knows who you are. I'm not sure how you feel about Spooky telling him that, but it has created an interesting dynamic. It's probably best to not mention it to either of them, because it seems like we might have 2 (Dnash and Spooky) to join up with, so might be a good idea to not call them out on anything.
It seems Dnash and Spooky have a lot of communication between them. Spooky also said he wanted to vote with Aaron, but he couldn't get a majority - so there might also be some link between Spooky and Aaron, otherwise Spooky is just fishing. Dnash also said that you need to trust him - I told him I'd talk to you about it, though said I hadn't yet (because I don't want to give them too much information about you and I working together). If Dnash is with Spooky, and you trust Spooky enough to tell him your identity, it seems like a promising course to take. Not that I trust them entirely (Spooky told Dnash your identity, and Dnash is Dillon, so...), but it might be a good team-up for now. Sorry for that novel. Your thoughts?
Shy Guy: I've been talking to spooky and told him Aaron and Shelby are expendable to see if he'd flip. He said he's tight with dayman and that milli and Ryan are expendable.
Kachina: I've talked to Dayman. We made a deal to warn each other if our names are brought up. I don't figure he's the immediate target anyway considering he just got an idol, so hopefully it can build trust.
I asked Dnash, and he suggested voting Ryan. If we need him to flip, that's our best option. Aaron seems closer with you, given this challenge. So I wanted to run that by you first. Spooky expressed shock that the tribal lines might not be that rigid.
Shy Guy: dayman reached out to me too and seems to be catering to me a bit. Do you want to vote out Ryan or get him to join us?
Kachina: I don't know anything about Ryan. He could easily vote us out and leave Dillon at the bottom of those remaining. We might have to trust Dillon on this one. I don't entirely trust Dayman - does seem to kind of be schmoozing. I think the trick is to make yourself seem useful to him.

The original Cohen get together a final time as Tribal Council gets closer.

Milli: dnash- since you are here, who are you thinking tonight?
DAYMAN: Hey! I'm good with whatever you guys want.
dnash: I wanna vote Aaron if that's okay?
Spooky: That sounds okay to me
Ryan: Im good with that

The tribe arrives at Tribal Council as a group, and learn from Adam that the player voted out will be the first member of the jury. After a discussion about the state of the game and where the lines divide the players, it is time to vote. Thinking the vote is still on Ryan, Aaron and Shy Guy vote for him. But the original Cohen 5 plus Shelby and Kachina vote Aaron out of the game.

ShelbyJean (confessional): Sorry Aaron you stopped talking and I had to do something to try and help my game. If you would have talked I would have saved you with my idol

The players make their way to the next challenge and learn they’ll be answering trivia questions to gain points and take points away from their opponents. During the challenge Shelby grabbed her second hidden idol. After a hard fought challenge, dnash wins the individual immunity necklace.

Back at camp, once again players were all over the place thinking about the next vote.

DAYMAN: dnash is immune so I guess we should do whatever he says this time.
Spooky: Yeah we can listen to what he says. I do think we find out how the votes are going and place ours where we think would work best for us.
DAYMAN: That's exactly what I am thinking. We are a great pair. Alright let's wait and see for now.

dnash jumps in on the conversation.

dnash: I'm up for whatever you think will get us to the end.
Spooky: I think it's coming down to voting out like a Shelby or Shy or voting out Milli
DAYMAN: It all depends on idols really. If you guys stick with me I won't even have to use mine since it's up at F5. We could go final five cohen and then stick as three. Or we can make a move before then if you guys are worried about someone. Those seem to be the options I see.
dnash: I'd like to honor Kachina saving my ass so I'd like her to go to the end with us 3. If that means us turning on Milli now that's fine with me, but I don't care about Shy or even Shelby
DAYMAN: I'm okay with all that. We have a better chance against her than Milli or Shy Guy they seem to be good at challenges.
Spooky: I'm fine with any of Milli, Shy or Shelby going tbh. I think Ryan would be a waste of a vote
dnash: Shelby is weak. Milli or Shy I say
Spooky: Alright so Milli or Shy. I mean I think they are the next two to go no matter. Who do we think would be easier to get rid of next round?
DAYMAN: They both could win an immunity challenge, but Milli has won one already. It's a tough call.

DAYMAN leaves that combination and finds Shelby and Kachina and sparks a conversation with them.

DAYMAN: For the vote, I think Milli would be a good target as an all-around threat. But I think dnash will dictate this vote since he is immune and sits in the middle. Hopefully he will want to do something that benefits us three. And I hope (but suspect) he will want to flush my idol now, so if he says that to you guys you could let me know if you want.
Shelby: I was thinking Milli to He should not be the swing the vote this round if anything it will tie unless we can get someone else to vote with us
DAYMAN: dnash and spooky will flip together I think to give you guys five even without me.
Kachina: Milli would be my ideal target. Dnash will probably still want to target Ryan. If we can use Dnash and Spooky to target Ryan, We should have 4 votes (the 3 of us and Shy Guy) against Milli. So even if Milli plays an idol, it would tie and we'd have the vote in the tie.
DAYMAN: I don't see how Milli could have an idol so don't worry about that. We only voted once as Cohen and once as merge so he couldn't have gotten that clue from the twist. Milli is an important target, but we also have to figure out a plan to watch out for dnash/spooky controlling the game.
Kachina: If Dnash and Spooky vote Ryan, and Ryan and Milli vote *whoever*, then that's 2 vs 2. We have 4 votes against either Milli or Spooky. Even if Shy Guy won't vote Spooky for some reason, and he votes either Ryan or Milli with Spooky, it's 3 vs. 3 and the tie breaker will eliminate Milli, Ryan, or Spooky. It at least would keep the 3 of us safe. I think the biggest concern this round is not leaking too much information for this to be countered.
DAYMAN: Yes I love the plan Kachina. We can let the flippers try to act like they have all the power, but we three can decide what is best for us once we hear what they have to say.

Kachina walks away from this conversation and finds Shy Guy.

Kachina: Shelby seems to want to target Milli. Dayman seems willing to work with us against Ryan, Milli, or Spooky. He said that Dillon and Spooky are just going to keep flipping with each other throughout the game, which might be true. It's definitely a strategy Dillon uses a lot, and he and Spooky seem close. Milli, however, is probably a bigger threat.
Dnash said he wants to target Ryan - again. He did flip last time, but this time, especially if he has Spooky with him, he has the incentive to flip to our side this round. So we can be *reasonably* certain he'll vote Ryan, but it's not 100%. What say you?
Shy Guy: hey, i think spooky wants to vote Milli this round.
Kachina: Yeah, he mentioned that. You might be their target this round. Dayman wants to earn trust by filling you and Shelby in on all of this so we'll all vote with him. Don't mention anything about it to Spooky or Dillon (fwiw, I haven't heard Spooky mention you). It'll blow the cover, especially if someone on that side has an idol. At least wait until you hear what Dayman has to say before talking to Spooky or Dillon about it. If they know Dayman and I are onto them, no more information and the vote could get insane.

DAYMAN meets back up with dnash and Spooky to finalize their decision.

dnash: We vote Shy Guy. It backs Kachina into a corner so she doesn't even have any options besides us. If we vote Milli, Ryan might turn on us and I'm not 100% sure Kachina will want to turn on Shelby unless she has to.
Spooky: Yeah I think that's the smartest move
DAYMAN: Good call. It would be messy with Ryan if we go the other way, so yes this seems safest.
Spooky: Yeah I think that's the best move

DAYMAN runs back to Kachina, Shelby and Shy Guy to fill them in on the vote.

DAYMAN: The four cohens are voting Shy Guy. We can force a tie, or we can play an idol on Shy Guy to make sure. But we have to start keeping everything between only us four from now on.
Shy Guy: I'll vote however you guys want me to.
Kachina: Spooky works. Just wanted to wait until we agreed on a play before I did anything.
DAYMAN: Yes I agree the vote is Spooky.

MilliWind (confessional): Heading into this vote, the original Cohen has decided to vote for Shy Guy. We decided this because Shy Guy was the lone dissenting vote not to send Aaron out and thus would not have received a clue to the hidden immunity idol. We think that he is the least likely to have an immunity idol. Apparently the minority of old Brady members is split, according to dnash, which is surprising since they can't afford to be split. If this is indeed the case, it seems like Kachina and Shelby's strategy going forward will simply be to win immunity and have idols. So in other words, it's like they are playing season 1 Survivor. Have these people not heard of alliances? If they are going to make it that easy, so be it -- because the thing is, if they are playing for idols, I'm playing that game, too. I've got an idol in my pocket, and I'm not afraid to use it...

At Tribal Council, DAYMAN played his immunity idol that he had won at the previous challenge, thinking it could make him a target. After another few moments, ShelbyJean stood up and announced she was playing her idol on Shy Guy- blindsiding the original Cohen tribe. The five votes against Shy Guy are nullified by the idol and 3 votes against Spooky are enough to send him to the jury.

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The Season in a Nutshell Empty Re: The Season in a Nutshell

Post by Adam on Fri 27 Jan - 16:45:04

Back at camp, Milli and Ryan couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Milli: Well, that sucked. Only question is, did Shelby just guess right, or did dnash let on who we were voting for?
Ryan: I think dnash said something . It was too on the nose
DAYMAN: I wouldn't be surprised if he did. The power might have gone to his head with the immunity win and he got greedy and wants to be the swing vote all the time now. Sorry I wasted the idol, but I got a bad feeling and now I see why. What do we do if we can't trust dnash anymore and if he keeps flipping back and forth?
Milli: We need to make sure it's in his best interest to vote with us. If we could get the other side to target him, that would mean he would have to vote with us.

DAYMAN found dnash and the conversation was the same.

dnash: I'm floored
DAYMAN: That was a kick in the gut. What do you want to do now?
dnash: I want to go for Shy again, and just carry the plan out as planned. Shy, then Milli.

DAYMAN (confessional): You might think I am sad about wasting an idol, but really, I am so good I did it on purpose for strategy. Making people think I am unprotected makes it less likely anyone will try to blindside me this round since no one has to worry about my idol anymore (or so they think).
In actuality, I am the pure swing vote at F7 now. We have Shy Guy completely indebted to me with Kachina and Shelby on one side. On the other side we have dnash (lost his bestie) who has to rely on me only now plus Milli and Ryan who suspect that DNASH is the one who revealed the vote to the other side. How perfect (and hilarious) is that. Also, I was able to keep hidden that I knew the reputations of Spooky/dnash (was hard to not call him Dillon by accident and blow my cover lol) and was silly on their parts to play as themselves. Anyways, I took away the power spot of their duo and took it over myself. There's only room for one in the swing spot boys.
I am going to push for Milli to go next, if he doesn't win immunity, so I can get that idol clue and eliminate a huge threat to win. dnash and Ryan will be easier to keep track of than Milli who is too much of a wildcard for me. I can sense a smart cookie in that one. I need to start eliminating my rivals on my path to glory. #projectbadass

For the third individual challenge, players were given a survey about the remaining players in the game at tree mail. Milli, dnash, Ryan and DAYMAN worked on theirs together. DAYMAN then continued to work both sides and helped Shy Guy, Shelby and Kachina answer theirs. At the challenge, the players who answered each question with the most popular answer could knock out a target from another player. With the other 4 working against them, Ryan, dnash and Milli are quickly eliminated. In the end Shy Guy knocks out Shelby’s target and wins individual immunity. In the middle of the challenge, Kachina found a hidden immunity idol.

Back at camp, Milli immediately questioned DAYMAN’s loyalty after the obvious double cross at the challenge.

Milli: Did you enter different responses than the ones we agreed upon. How did you know all of them?
DAYMAN: They started telling me the answers.
Milli: Weird. Do you know why they wanted you to know them all? That just doesn't makes sense.
DAYMAN: I'm still trying to figure that out.
Milli: Did they tell you to target me, too?
DAYMAN: Yeah they said do what we say and it will be worth it. I didn't have time to put much thought since it happened so fast.
Milli: You do realize it is a bit strange to listen to a group that would I'm sure love to get Ryan and I out
DAYMAN: They aren't being as open as they implied they would be so it might have been a waste to listen to them you're right. They said they might tell me the vote later so I will see what they say.

DAYMAN finds Shy Guy and Kachina to discuss the vote.

Shy Guy: i'd rather vote for dnash.. can 2 of us do him and 2 of us do milli?
DAYMAN: Do you all think it would be smart if I tell dnash the vote is Ryan just to confuse them?
Kachina: It wouldn't hurt. But they're not likely to believe you right now.
Shy Guy: i would wait it out a bit, see if they even trust you at this point. don't rush in to tell them anything as they will likely assume we won't know our vote
DAYMAN: Good point. I'll just see if they approach me. We are voting Milli though right, once and for all?
Shy Guy: I really want dnash out. He's the most deceitful player in the game.
DAYMAN: Shelby wants Milli out though he is fishing all the time and is the brains behind them, plus he has Ryan as a follower. I promised Shelby I would vote out Milli next if she agreed to vote Spooky last time.
Kachina: Yes, let's vote Milli. She's the popular choice.

Milli continues to try to get answers about the previous vote and what to do next.

MilliWind: Well, Ok. It sounded like we were going with Shy Guy before, so what now?
dnash: I don't really care who we vote for, they are all equal to me
MilliWind: I'd say it's pretty much a coin flip. We could try and gauge likelihood of idols, but that's getting kind of tiresome at this point.
DAYMAN: I'm way beyond trying to guess idols there are too many and it's driving me crazy.
Milli: Should I just say Kachina, then?
DAYMAN: There are only two options so yes that's fine.
Ryan: Im ok with that

DAYMAN pulls dnash aside right before Tribal to discuss the possibility of taking out Milli.

dnash: I'm ready to get rid of her but we need to break up Shy/Shelby and I think Shy is stronger
DAYMAN: Are Shy and Shelby a tight pair?
dnash: I assume so since she saved him with her idol
DAYMAN: Oh yeah duh but I mean she did that to save herself and her whole alliance. She might be closer with Kachina.
dnash: Probably who knows I don't care about them I'm pissed Spooky is out lol
DAYMAN: His elimination was very similar to Princess, except for Princess it was only one vote.
dnash: I'm hearing Milli wants me out! Lol
DAYMAN: I just heard that too but I thought they were making it up. I didn't know if it was safe to bring up voting Ryan out to you to get out the guy Milli is dragging to the finals.
dnash: Do you think we can get 2 more votes on Ryan? He just got voted the person everyone wishes they worked with from the start which makes me think he is playing a good social game and communicating with that side
DAYMAN: They probably just said that because he is floating so much and nobody knows anything about him. Yes I think we can get all the votes on Ryan except for Milli.
dnash: Sounds good to me!!
DAYMAN: Milli might get Ryan and him to vote for you though so don't be playing some crazy idol on Ryan or it could bite you hard.

The tribe moves to Tribal Council for what is sure to be a chaotic mess. The players discuss the game and how much tougher the game becomes as it moves along. Adam collects the vote and asks if anyone wants to play an idol. MilliWind stands up first and plays an idol. To counter Milli’s move, Kachina stands up and plays both their idols on Kachina and DAYMAN. Adam begins to reveal the votes: 4 votes for Milli all nullified. DAYMAN and Kachina each receive a vote also nullified- which leaves only 1 vote to decide who leaves the game. The final vote is revealed and Ryan_Xavier is sent to the jury, leaving 6 players remaining in the game.

DAYMAN (confessional): I love working with people like Kachina who is clearly my peer in terms of strategy, planning and know-how. Having someone like that in a game is important for me, because without it I am left talking to myself and not sharing my ideas with anyone except the poor host who is reading my ramblings. The one danger in this set-up is I have to put all my faith in one person and hope he isn't a greedy player looking for an easy partner at FTC.
After the Spooky blindside things were still calm, because no one from Cohen had a clue what I have been up too this game. They didn't know I got Princess. They didn't know I got Spooky. They didn't know I had a whole new alliance without them. It was actually a bit embarrassing how I was able to plan survey answers with the cohens AND the bradys so I knew what the answer was for everything. I knew the cat would be out of the bag once I started answering in unison with the bradys, but the cohens still seemed unsure of what was going on even when it was apparent. I tried my best to come up with responses that could keep the charade going but eventually Milli caught on, as I expected him to.

Kachina (confessional): The last vote was difficult. I started getting a feeling they might target me, and there were just too many variables. In hindsight, if I knew for sure that Dnash voted Ryan, I would've just voted Ryan and, at worst, let it go to a tie. But I wasn't sure whether they were targeting Dayman or me, and whether they'd throw their votes at one of us or split it, and whether Dnash voted Ryan or was secretly voting with that. I could've saved 2 idols... but with some possible scenarios, it felt like too much of a risk. Again, rather I feel dumb for wasting 2 idols than feel dumb for going. Had Dnash not voted for Ryan, and I had I not played those idols, either Dayman or I would be gone now. So while I feel dumb, it easily could've gone a different way, with just the slightest change.
I have a feeling Dayman and Dnash will want to make a move against Shy Guy this time, which could be in my best interest. I'd hate to see Shy Guy go, and allowing it to happen would surely be my biggest regret of the game. But it would also mean 1.) I'd survive this round and 2.) I could get 1 last idol to play during the final 5. It's something I'm really conflicted about. On one hand, I do want to go to the end with Shy Guy (though I'd also be happy with Dayman or Shelby). On the other hand, our gameplay is so different, and working around that is so difficult, that I feel it puts my own game in danger sometimes. But without my idols, anything can happen - so I need to stay on my toes big time now. We'll see if that works.

MilliWind (confessional): I'm more or less assuming he must know all these people from previous games at this point because that is the only remotely logical explanation for his decision to flip. We had the numbers to win this game and stay loyal, but he instead decided to lose the votes of several jury members by playing a fake and disingenuous game with basically everyone except for I guess Kachina, Shelby and Shy Guy. When you telegraph a blindside like he did, this leads to an awkward moment when the person you "blindsided" is still in the game playing with you. This means that suddenly you have to acknowledge that person who you betrayed. Except that is not what he did. Alternatively, he thought it strategically beneficial to shut off all contacts with the former alliance because now he created "new friends" or some BS like that. Anyway, I'm just going to work my butt off to try to win immunity challenges to stay in this game. I'm also going to try to cause doubts about Dayman's loyalty. If he indeed did have a pre-game alliance, this play will not work, but if he literally flipped just now, this could work. I also said to Shy Guy that I respect his game and I would vote for him in jury. This is true, but it may seem strange to mention that you would vote for someone when they could just vote you out to get your vote. However, since I will probably still get voted out next time I don't have immunity anyway, I feel that it is a risk worth taking. I told him this because I want him to think that people perceive him as a threat. If he thinks people are out to get him, he would probably go to me for numbers. A hurdle I have to jump over is that Shy Guy and dnash apparently have a long-standing rivalry, so Shy Guy more than likely would not try to go to dnash for numbers. The next couple of days will just be about grasping at anything I can to stay afloat. It will take a miracle, but I won't stop trying.

The tribe heads to the final 6 immunity challenge: a quick game of odds and evens. Kachina scored highest in the challenge and won individual immunity and a guaranteed 1 in 5 spot of winning the game. During the challenge, DAYMAN remarkably finds another immunity idol.

The different groups go back and forth about the next vote.

Shy Guy: i'm okay with either of the 2 left so doesn't matter much to me.
Shelby: Who would you prefer to get out Dayman? You know how I feel about both of them
DAYMAN: I think Milli has been the most dangerous player to win for several rounds and if not for the idol last time would be gone. I vote to get Milli maybe it's our last chance before he gets some other twist next round.
Shy Guy: I would feel more comfortable with dnash leaving going forward but that's just me.
Kachina: I'm fine with Milli or Dnash. We could always hedge our bets and vote both - either one is saved by an idol or we decide in the tie-breaker.
Shy Guy: splitting the votes? that is an option. I don't even know if milli and dnash are voting together

After a while, DAYMAN tried to re-kindle his alliance with dnash.

DAYMAN: I know you probably hate me for misleading you that vote, but I didn't like lying to you and I only did it because of the small chance idol craziness happened exactly like it did. I'm still willing to talk if you can understand why I did it. I'm sorry though.
dnash: You told me you thought they'd vote you or me, and I assume you knew an idol would be played for you so I feel like you were just leaving me hanging and going to let me be the person leaving had they chose to vote me
DAYMAN: As hard as it might be to believe me, I honestly did not know she was playing an idol on me. I was shocked Milli had an idol and shocked that Kachina had two. I thought Milli would be leaving and I told you the vote was Ryan just in case you told Milli and he played an idol on Ryan instead of himself. I'm sorry but I haven't talked to you enough to trust you on this tribal and I wanted Milli to go for the way he has been acting. I wasn't hoping you would leave at all I wanted Milli to go.
dnash: Do we have a move that would include us both lasting another week?
DAYMAN: I am starting to think about whether I have a chance against anyone in the finals with all these people mad at me. Who do you think are the hardest people to beat that are still in? Let's go for those people if we can.
dnash: I think Shelby & Kachina are the biggest threats, probably Shelby the most though because I'm always told "Shelby wants to do this" or "Shelby told me to play an idol"
DAYMAN: Yeah I agree with you but I don't know how to get them. The good news tonight is there are people who want Shy guy out. If you are willing to give me another chance and not team up with Milli to take me out, we can work together to get Shy. I'm not just saying this to help my cause - but Shy Guy is gunning for you hardcore. He wanted you out last round and this round but we wanted Milli out and he wants you out even more now.
dnash: I really want to outlast Shy Guy so I am definitely down with cutting him this round!
DAYMAN: Alright we should be able to get majority to go that way.
dnash: Okay great! Are you going to involve Milli? I think she'd be down to save her ass
DAYMAN: Are you not talking to Milli to find out? Surely she must have said what her plan is to you.

The players head to Tribal Council. For the first time since merge, DAYMAN plays one of his idols on himself and stays loyal to dnash to vote Shy Guy together. But Milli flips and votes along with the 3 original Brady to take dnash out of the game. For the first time in the game, Kachina, Shy Guy and Shelby have more numbers than original Cohen.

For the first time DAYMAN was outside the vote and needed answers from Milli.

DAYMAN: Did you not tie because you didn't believe my vote or because you did but were lying all along?
Milli: I wasn't sure what I was going to do. This was definitely the most agonizing decision I have made so far. It ended up coming to me not wanting to go to rocks knowing that it would be stacked against us, because I knew Kachina wouldn't flip. I didn't make my final decision until this afternoon.
DAYMAN: Ouch that sucks because I think Kachina might have flipped I was working on that a lot to make it happen. I know it was a hard decision now, I just think it was a bad one since how do you expect us to crack their 3 now?
Milli: I think there are a couple of ways.
1. We can convince them it is going to be a final two. We didn't start jury until final 9, which means it is a distinct possibility that it will just be two at the end. If they believe this is a possibility, they won't all be able to make it to the end, which could lead to paranoia on who would take whom to the end.
2. What dnash said when he was voted out. I think we can still convince them that Shy Guy is a threat, because he is the only player left that hasn't really made anyone mad.
DAYMAN: I can get behind trying to make them vote Shy Guy, but I think you are off base on the other points. Everyone seems to know it is a F2. Plus, do you still not know who I was hinting at all yesterday as the biggest pair yet. There is only one pair left who has been with the person the whole game but has no chance to win against that person. It is impossible to get them to vote each other at this point and we are down to 5.
Milli: Shelby and Kachina?
DAYMAN: *slow clap* lol It's not really something to worry about anymore though it's kind of too late. Shy Guy is going to want me out. They might vote for Shy if we propose it. Or they might come for you or me.
Milli: I guess the question is whether it would be easier to convince Kachina and Shelby to vote Shy Guy, or to convince Shy Guy to vote Kachina or Shelby

The players head to the immunity challenge and have to unscramble names and score points. DAYMAN scores 3 points first and wins individual immunity.

Kachina and Shelby quickly get together to decide on the vote.

Shelby: Milli right
Kachina: Milli, yeah. The only other possibilities are you, Shy Guy, and me. Unless you wanted to go that route. I'm guessing the target will either be me or Shy Guy.
Shelby: No I am not voting you. I think Milli will vote shyguy
Kachina: I just wonder if Milli is bluffing. It shouldn't be a big deal, though. Milli is only 1 vote. Even if Dayman votes with her, only 2 votes. It would really just be a matter of an idol.

After a bit more time, they get back together with some more information.

Kachina: So... do you want a really big move to add to your resume for the jury that will also very selfishly get me out of a pickle I've backed myself into by worry about Shy Guy being with Milli, which I no longer think because I realized I'm stupid? If you agree, I promise to hold my tongue and not mention it to anyone, even the jury if I get there, that I had any part in it. Eh?
Shelby: Why what is going on? I will listen and may be willing
Kachina: I heard that Milli was trying to get Shy Guy to vote for me, but Shy Guy didn't tell me about it, which made me way too paranoid, no thanks to Dayman. So I beat him to the punch. But earlier I finally got a message from him clearing everything up, and now I feel dumb for jumping to conclusions. Would you be willing to play your idol for Shy Guy? I'm positive no one is voting for you (they still see you as weak and not a threat). So it's very low risk, but obviously not no-risk like playing it for yourself.
I know it's a lot to ask. But I wouldn't tell anyone what happened, so you'd be the hero and have another strong move for the finals. It would definitely keep Shy Guy in the game and, even though he'll hate me, my conscience will be clear/I'm a wuss. Feel free to tell me I'm an idiot, too. I probably deserve it right now.
Shelby: So right now who is voting shyguy and who is voting Milli
Kachina: Dayman, Milli, and I vote Shy Guy. Milli told me about her talks with Shy Guy, and Dayman sent me some messages from Milli about trying to get him to flip - but Milli was just looking for anyone to flip, didn't matter who. I don't think he ever did, but I was annoyed that he didn't tell me about it. Like, before when I was talking to Milli, I'd give you guys warnings about what I was doing, so you'd know. But Shy Guy is dumb sometimes and doesn't think to mention this stuff until later, so I just got paranoid and jumped the gun. Thank you. You definitely have every right to hold this over my head.
Shelby: I just hope it does not backfire.
Kachina: If anything, it will backfire on me. Shy Guy and Dayman will both be upset at me and distrust me. Which puts you in an even better position. But it also clears my conscience that I'm not the cause of Shy Guy not making it to the final 4, all because I'm stupid.

With this new plan in place, the tribe heads to Tribal Council. Being the final chance to play an idol, DAYMAN plays his idol on Kachina as a repayment for Kachina’s idol play earlier in the season. Shelby trusted Kachina and played her idol on Shy Guy. The votes went exactly as Kachina predicted, 3 nullified votes for Shy Guy and Milli is voted out of the game.

The secret alliance of the original Brady 3 and DAYMAN made it to the final 4, but some cracks were starting to show.

The final four immunity challenge required the players to hit targets to score points. Kachina is the high scorer and wins individual immunity.

DAYMAN and Shy Guy target each other and leave Kachina and Shelby in the middle to decide who to vote out.

Kachina: Alright, this is hard, not going to deny that. Without Dayman, we all would've been obliterated, unless we could keep getting idols. Shy Guy has been with us all along... maybe not as communicative as Dayman, but not as pushy, either. We can vote one, or we can send both to a fire making challenge. I adore them both, but we all made it this far, so that's something to be proud of.
Shelby: I feel like I am closer to Dayman and I want to keep them but I know in the back of my mind if I make it to the final 2 I will catch hell for it. I really at this point do not think I will make it to final anyways because I have made no deals other than final 3. (My own fault) did not really think I would make it this far anyways. Hell I could be the one going.
Kachina: I'm sure you're not, and I think you have a great shot of making it to the final 2. Just a hunch. I started this game talking mostly to Shy Guy, but he doesn't even respond half the time, or would leak information, and I began talking to you and Dayman way more. And now he's saying to vote him out/that he's lost interest in the game. It just sucks because I don't like the idea of cutting Shy Guy, because I'm worried he'll take it personally, when it's not meant that way. He played a good game, is a great guy. But I feel like I owe a lot more to you and Dayman for getting me here, and I'd rather see you two in the final 2. I'm willing to consider whatever. Worst case scenario, we disagree and vote differently, and they go to a fire making challenge. Not a big deal.
Shelby: UUUGGGHHH this is so hard. It would be cool if it was you, me and shyguy in the end since we have been together since the beginning but Dayman deserves it more. You are right shyguy hardly talks other than to ask whos the vote.
Kachina: Ha! But yeah, same. Dayman has worked his butt off in this game, but Shy Guy hasn't. He barely even talks to me, and it's almost always just about the vote. I also have this fear that if he makes it to the end, the jury will vote for him just because he hasn't pissed anyone off, and I hate it when juries are given that opportunity to be bitter. You, Dayman, and I have all earned the win, whichever of us gets it. So I'm inclined to vote Shy Guy, too. It's just my conscience nagging me. Who deserves that chance/loyalty more - the person who was with us from the beginning, or the person who really worked to earn it and help us? I hate this game. This sucks.

The players make their way to Tribal Council. After a brief discussion, all 4 vote. As expected, the vote is between DAYMAN and Shy Guy- with Shelby and Kachina ultimately deciding to vote out their original ally Shy Guy.

The final 3 head to the final challenge- a test of timing and patience. The players are required to place blocks like dominoes by posting numbers in order. Any time they post out of order, they lose half their blocks. At any point they can attempt to knock their stack over. If they have placed enough blocks to topple completely and raise their flag, they win final immunity. After getting into a nice rhythm each began placing blocks successfully. A couple failed attempts from Kachina and DAYMAN give Shelby a big lead. But a costly misstep allows DAYMAN to place enough blocks to win the final immunity necklace of the season and a guaranteed spot in the final 2.

At Tribal Council, DAYMAN praised Shelby for her game, but stated he felt Kachina was his chief rival and wanted to go head-to-head in the finals. Shelby became the final member of the jury, leaving DAYMAN and Kachina to celebrate and match up against the jury for the title of Sole Survivor of Lsquared: Macquarie Harbour.

The jury drilled them about their moves throughout the game. In the end they had to decide on their final vote for who they believe should be the winner of the season.

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