It ended up how I planned, but not smoothly

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It ended up how I planned, but not smoothly Empty It ended up how I planned, but not smoothly

Post by DAYMAN on Thu 5 Jan - 9:33:03

This is the F4 I wanted when I flipped on Cohen ever since the Princess vote. I didn't pull a Cochran and just help a minority win. I still have to believe that Kachina is going to go up against me at F2 in order to make the ending interesting. If not, then I will look really foolish relying on friendship instead of logic. I could have played my unneeded idol on Milli and kept him in, but now Shelby saved Shy again so I have two people who might tie it on me no matter what (unless I win immunity again).

Shy seems rattled, so at least he might be off his game. Shelby doesn't play to win, so that hurts because I can't expect her to make a move on anyone she gave her word to.

Even though this was my desired F4 from the flip-point, it was not a smooth path. Along the way Shy started doubting me and plotting moves against me. He didn't know I was hearing everything from Kachina and could avoid any advance against me, but he still tried. I responded with trying to take him out twice, and twice I was thwarted; once Milli changed his vote in a bad move, and the other was an idol from Shelby.

I hope I can win immunity tonight, and then sit back and watch these 3 finally have to eat each other. If I don't win I have to hope Kachina will keep his word to me. I'll be really disappointed if I go out next after all this planning.

If Kachina won't go up against the best to win this game and just takes an easy victory, it will be extremely gut-wrenching.

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