Confessional 1

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Confessional 1

Post by PancakeMixMe on Sat 10 Dec - 14:51:58

Well some people seem to be more active than others.
Ryan talked to me earlier and wanted a "ride or die" so I'm already a deal in with the devil.
I don't like most of the people here judging by first impressions alone, but it doesn't really matter anyway as I tend to be good even with people I don't appreciate.
Nobody's really talking which is bugging me a bit. I need them to like me before I can weave them in and spin them around my fingers.
How am I supposed to have them believe we are bonding if we aren't talking? It just fucks with my strategy.
This not even mentioning Mint and Dayman turnt their PMs off which is frustrating beyond belief.

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