Dayman - 0% chance of winning the game

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Dayman - 0% chance of winning the game Empty Dayman - 0% chance of winning the game

Post by MilliWind on Sun 1 Jan - 1:24:49

I'm more or less assuming he must know all these people from previous games at this point because that is the only remotely logical explanation for his decision to flip. We had the numbers to win this game and stay loyal, but he instead decided to lose the votes of several jury members by playing a fake and disingenuous game with basically everyone except for I guess Kachina, Shelby and Shy Guy. When you telegraph a blindside like he did, this leads to an awkward moment when the person you "blindsided" is still in the game playing with you. This means that suddenly you have to acknowledge that person who you betrayed. Except that is not what he did. Alternatively, he thought it strategically beneficial to shut off all contacts with the former alliance because now he created "new friends" or some BS like that. Anyway, I'm just going to work my butt off to try to win immunity challenges to stay in this game. I'm also going to try to cause doubts about Dayman's loyalty. If he indeed did have a pre-game alliance, this play will not work, but if he literally flipped just now, this could work. I also said to Shy Guy that I respect his game and I would vote for him in jury. This is true, but it may seem strange to mention that you would vote for someone when they could just vote you out to get your vote. However, since I will probably still get voted out next time I don't have immunity anyway, I feel that it is a risk worth taking. I told him this because I want him to think that people perceive him as a threat. If he thinks people are out to get him, he would probably go to me for numbers. A hurdle I have to jump over is that Shy Guy and dnash apparently have a long-standing rivalry, so Shy Guy more than likely would not try to go to dnash for numbers. The next couple of days will just be about grasping at anything I can to stay afloat. It will take a miracle, but I won't stop trying.

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