It's the Kachina & DAYMAN Show and Nobody Has A Clue

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It's the Kachina & DAYMAN Show and Nobody Has A Clue Empty It's the Kachina & DAYMAN Show and Nobody Has A Clue

Post by DAYMAN on Fri 30 Dec - 11:27:07

Oh my cleverness knows no bounds with my dual meaning title. So fetch!

I love working with people like Kachina who is clearly my peer in terms of strategy, planning and know-how. Having someone like that in a game is important for me, because without it I am left talking to myself and not sharing my ideas with anyone except the poor host who is reading my ramblings.

The one danger in this set-up is I have to put all my faith in one person and hope he isn't a greedy player looking for an easy partner at FTC.

After the Spooky blindside things were still calm, because no one from Cohen had a clue what I have been up too this game. They didn't know I got Princess. They didn't know I got Spooky. They didn't know I had a whole new alliance without them. It was actually a bit embarrassing how I was able to plan survey answers with the cohens AND the bradys so I knew what the answer was for everything. I knew the cat would be out of the bag once I started answering in unison with the bradys, but the cohens still seemed unsure of what was going on even when it was apparent. I tried my best to come up with responses that could keep the charade going but eventually Milli caught on, as I expected him to.

I have little doubt that Milli and Ryan will vote me this time. I am unsure on dnash. It might be okay either way. If he trusted me and voted Ryan, I still have a potential ally in him for F6. If he votes against me and I get 3 votes, I get an advantage in the game. That would be juicy indeed. I'm kinda scared to get 3 votes, since Kachina tells me Shy Guy has doubts about my loyalty and could vote me (1% chance), but I have talked to Kachina about playing her idol (defensively - if an idol is played on Milli) for me to protect me in that scenario. Yes, Kachina told me immediately when she found the idol, which means I shouldn't have any worries because I know she has one of two idols and I have the other. My idol is the only hidden one, as nobody has a clue that I have it, not even Kachina. It's the one ace-in-the-whole I have kept from him.

I will play my idol defensively tonight also, in the less than 1% chance that Milli is idol'd by Kachina or some crazy thing.

This round also allows for me to get a clue for ANOTHER idol. DAYMAN Hantz in da house. Since I voted with the cohens 3 times in a row now, voting against Milli gives me an idol clue, per the twist Adam posted awhile back. No doubt Milli and Ryan are going for that clue too by voting me, but Milli will be out. Ryan can have the clue. I am confident I can beat his inactive bum to the punch anyways.

I think that's it for now. There is a lot more I could say, but I am growing weary. More later perhaps.


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