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Post by MilliWind on Fri 9 Dec - 13:52:12

So I get a private message from DAYMAN. He basically says hey, it will be fun to be on the same tribe, I fine with working together, whatever. It's obviously one of those copy and paste things he was sending to everybody. You know, just take out the username and change it when you send it to the next person. Which is fine -- I don't have a problem with it -- It's not like he was asking to take me to Final 3 or anything. But I think it's clear he's gonna be playing hard.

I also get a PM from Princess. I think she, Day and Ryan are all trying to be these larger than life characters out here. Which I think is fine, because it's only a matter of time before they want to target each other. I think probably all of them really want to be in control, and so if they see other players making noise, they are going to try to be a little bit louder. And I think that dynamic is good for my game.

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