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Game-time Decision Empty Game-time Decision

Post by MilliWind on Fri 30 Dec - 0:57:43

Well this is starting to get interesting. Dayman, Ryan, and I worked on our responses for the survey so that we could dominate in the challenge today. I figured the other side would do the same, but we would do our best. The first round, Dayman guesses correctly with Brady and targets me the first round. What? If he were on my side, this wold make no sense, and if he decided to flip, why would he make it that obvious? I used this opportunity to reconnect with dnash who I think I approached too strongly when I asked if he spilled the beans on the Shy Guy vote. Now I'm thinking it was probably Dayman who told Shelby about the vote. Now dnash I think is on our side, which means that my original goal was accomplished, but I'm realizing the real player I need to worry about is Dayman. I asked Dayman straight up about why he did what he did, and he says that the other side started feeding information to him. Even if you really wanted immunity so you guess the way they did, why would he target me right away? He says he was caught up in the moment. If he can get caught up in the moment and eliminate players that the other side absolutely positively wants out and keep the other side in the challenge, you are one bad player. He must really think there are no idols in play, because he is certainly not trying to be stealthy about this. Meanwhile, it was 50-50 who to vote for between Kachina or Shelby. I said Kachina, so that is the plan.

I also have been talking to Ryan, and he suggested voting for Dayman. This would give us an idol clue, but it would not give us the numbers to either vote out Dayman or Kachina. I still haven't told anyone about my idol, and it might be in my best interest to tell Ryan. I trust Ryan 100% more than anyone else in this game, so he would be the only one I would tell. I know that if I play my idol right, I can blow up the Brady alliance even if Dayman flips. I just need to see if Dayman gives anymore information about who Brady is voting for. He initially played it off like they were not telling him anything about the vote, which was sketchy. Now he says that he has some major news that could change everything. Well, let's see it Dayman.

Having the idol, especially with all this uncertainty, I'm thinking I will have to play it. I just need to figure out who Dayman would vote if he flipped. He might only flip if he gets a clue, so that would mean he would vote Ryan or me, because he has voted with us for 3 straight tribals. If Brady wants to keep the clue away from him, the vote would be dnash. If Dayman voted dnash, this would allow him to possibly continue the innocent act, and claim that he just didn't trust him and is still with Ryan and me. This would be the weasely way of doing it, which seems to fit the way Dayman seems to be playing this game. In that way, I'm leaning to giving the idol to dnash, but I am also don't want to get voted out after playing the idol on someone else. This is going to be a game-time decision.

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