They are playing Season 1 Survivor

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They are playing Season 1 Survivor Empty They are playing Season 1 Survivor

Post by MilliWind on Wed 28 Dec - 14:25:37

Heading into this vote, the original Cohen has decided to vote for Shy Guy. We decided this because Shy Guy was the lone dissenting vote not to send Aaron out and thus would not have received a clue to the hidden immunity idol. We think that he is the least likely to have an immunity idol. Apparently the minority of old Brady members is split, according to dnash, which is surprising since they can't afford to be split. If this is indeed the case, it seems like Kachina and Shelby's strategy going forward will simply be to win immunity and have idols. So in other words, it's like they are playing season 1 Survivor. Have these people not heard of alliances? If they are going to make it that easy, so be it -- because the thing is, if they are playing for idols, I'm playing that game, too. I've got an idol in my pocket, and I'm not afraid to use it...

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