Episode 5 Confessionals

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Episode 5 Confessionals

Post by Spooky33 on Wed 28 Dec - 11:36:19

So, we had the dreaded tribal swap. Except in this case it wasn't so dreaded. I ended up on a tribe with almost everyone I was on a tribe with before. We have Aaron Shore as a new addition. But, I still have Dayman, my closest ally, and Milli/Ryan who I've talked to and feel pretty good with. Princess Mint is here which sucks but it's okay.

I got a clue to the hidden immunity idol during the challenge in the midst of the swap. I want to kind of hold off on trying to get an idol until a lot of people have used their clues so I have more of a chance of success, because losing the clue would suck.

Winning immunity is bittersweet now because we get to avoid tribal but we know that one of the 3 Cohens on the other tribe is more than likely going home.

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