We Lost, so it Worked Out

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We Lost, so it Worked Out Empty We Lost, so it Worked Out

Post by MilliWind on Thu 22 Dec - 23:57:29

Well, so we didn't throw the challenge, but we still lost, so it worked out in the end. This means I'll finally be going to tribal council. So the strategy going into the vote is threefold:

1. Make sure everyone in the core four alliance is on the same page about voting Aaron out.

2. Convince Aaron it is in his best interest to vote Princess. This guarantees that even if Aaron has an idol, no one in my core alliance will be voted out.

3. Solidify trust within my alliance by voting out Aaron.

This strategy seems to have worked, as I have Aaron scrambling trying to gain votes against Princess, which in turn shows to my alliance members that I am true to my word, and I will actively try to protect them. The elimination of Aaron will allow original Cohen members to split the vote, eliminating the risk of an idol play ruining someone's chances. It's been a good day.

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