What kind of players am I playing with?

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What kind of players am I playing with? Empty What kind of players am I playing with?

Post by MilliWind on Thu 22 Dec - 21:02:02

So after ID gets voted out, we still don't have a merge, but Old Cohen still has a 6-4 advantage. Naturally, this means that if we throw today's challenge, we can go into the merge (which is most definitely happening after this round) with a 6-3 advantage. This means that we can split the vote and avoid problems with idols that may be in play for the original Brady tribe. Brilliant, right? Well, apparently this is to over the heads of people in out tribe, because we decide to make Aaron-Freakin-Shore our our puzzle-solver. WHY?!? Apparently Dayman had considered this but decided that throwing challenges was bad luck. REALLY? We are going to make strategic moves based off of what we consider to bring bad luck. What kind of players am I playing with? You know what is going to be bad "luck?" Having someone flip at the merge in a measly 5-4 majority. Or worse, yet, have one of us get idoled out at the merge. And if it's me, there is no way Dayman gets my vote if he makes it to then end. I'm terrified to think that these people are part of what decides whether I stay in the game or not.

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