Round 6 confessional

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Round 6 confessional Empty Round 6 confessional

Post by Princess Mint on Tue 20 Dec - 22:16:53

I wrote out some stuff, but my internet died. Again. It died right after I won the challenge and before I could see if my answer was correct. So I am very happy I won, or I would be torching down a Comcast office right about now.

I don't like leaving IDI and Dnash to face certain death, but I don't want to see us fractured. If Aaron is voted out and we go to Tribal again, we WILL break apart.

All of my theorizing last round was based on the assumption that we break at merge. I formed a plan that was too stupid and dangerous to implement. The basic idea was to go over to the other tribe NOW and that way I'd know if anyone else decided to jump, because they would probably tell me about my fellow traitor, and give me a name. Of course, I wouldn't actually vote with them, and that would be a rotten surprise.

HII worries me, too. But I can't fight that. If we get a strong majority, we MAY be able to just power through and crush them through force of numbers even if one is played, but I can't count on that.
Princess Mint
Princess Mint

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